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Living room with brown couch and two chairs, beige carpet

Carpet in Anchorage, AK

Carpet is the perfect combination of luxury, comfort, and function. An ideal addition to your home or business, modern carpet is meant to be enjoyed nearly everywhere. There are even carpets made to manage moisture, spills, and pet accidents.


Browse the best collection of residential and commercial carpet in Anchorage at Florcraft Carpet One Floor & Home. Looking for the best of the best in carpet, home design, and flooring installations?  We’ve got you – and your room- completely covered.


With our dedicated experts here to personally guide your way, our goal is to ensure you’re thrilled with your new carpet, every time.  We proudly serve clients throughout Portage, the Anchorage Bowl, Talkeetna, and South-Central Alaska.


Best Types of Carpet

Carpet fiber, also called “carpet pile,” are what determines how your carpet functions and feels.


Carpet pile can be made from both synthetic and natural fibers. Here’s where it’s important to read and pay attention. Not every carpet type will work in every room, but the great news is there are TONS of options that will.


Pet-proof, kid-friendly, and waterproof carpets are all available in today’s market and could be the perfect match. We also have sustainable flooring options, like wool carpet. Feel safer knowing that your carpet purchase is balanced by style and functionality.


There are five different types of carpets to choose from:


  • Nylon is a popular synthetic fiber that’s warm, soft, and strong.  Nylon fibers be treated to become stain resistant.


  • Polyester is a more budget friendly alternative to nylon and has a similar look and feel. There are modern options that don’t need treatment for reliable stain resistance.


  • Olefin is usually woven into Berber and loop carpets. This carpet is fantastic for low-traffic rooms, as it’s made for looks rather than function.


  • Triexta is a stain-resistant synthetic fiber that never needs to be pre-treated. It ‘s a commercial flooring favorite that’s also prized by large families.


  • Wool is a natural carpet fiber that’s super soft, allergy friendly, and colorful. Nothing warms quite like wool does. It’s also extremely sturdy and fares fine with harder wear.


In addition to pile and fiber, your carpet is distinguished by the way each thread is fastened to the backing. This, too, is important to consider as it determines how your rug will function.


  • Cut-pile carpets refer to rugs here fibers are trimmed to a certain twist and height, with loops trimmed for a smoother feel.


  • Loop carpets have a looped surface where, unlike cut pile, the looks are left intact.  


  • Cut-loop carpets are heavily textured rugs merging aspects of the two other carpet types for the densest product.


Can I Have Carpet if I Have Little Kids or Pets?


Yes, indeed: today’s stain-resistant and moisture friendly carpets are made to manage your day- and all it might bring!  


Life can get messy- we can’t help you with that! However, we CAN direct you to the latest and greatest in stain-resistant carpets. These wonderful carpets have specially coated fibers that keep the worst types of stains from sinking in.


Stain-resistant carpets come in all your favorite weaves and styles but have added reinforcement to stop the most stubborn stain-offenders, like red wine and chocolate sauce. In fact, most spills can be fully removed with a little water and a clean towel.



Where Can I Install New Carpet?

Trust us: one can enjoy carpet nearly everywhere.


While we still don’t recommend using carpet in the bathroom or kitchen, there are very few limitations when it comes to modern carpet.


Install carpet in:


  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Playrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Dining Rooms
  • Retail Shops
  • Dens
  • Family Rooms
  • Offices
  • Hallways
  • Stairs
  • Entertainment Areas


Can I Install My Own Carpet?

We really don’t recommend it!


Carpet installation can go very wrong, very fast if you’re not familiar with how the job is done. It means you’ll have to have PERFECT attention to detail, take CAREFUL measurements, clean your subfloor, and ensure its leveled, and have handy tools like carpet stretchers on the ready.


Most of us aren’t capable of all this, but not to worry: our carpet installation team is ready to make your dreams come true. Relax and let us handle your next residential or commercial carpet installation project.


Of course, our relationship with you begins long before installation day. Your first step will be to meet with your Project Coordinator and installation technicians, who will guide you throughout the whole process and ensure there are no delays…or surprises along the way!


Shop Carpet Near You in Anchorage, Alaska


Florcraft Carpet One Floor & Home is a proud member of the world’s most beloved flooring cooperative. Locally owned and locally operated, our store is the best in Anchorage, with all the best carpet brands near you.


Shop local and shop better with us, knowing we share our purchasing power with hundreds of other stores around the nation.  You’re going to love our exclusive product warranties and professional services.


Want to learn more? Visit our local flooring showroom today at 1920 West Dimond Boulevard in Anchorage, AK, and browse our carpet displays.

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Living room with brown chair, ottoman, and dresser with beige carpet
Living room with fireplace and brown couch, beige carpet

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